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Vitaliy Rodymiuk

President, CEO, co-founder

Vitaliy is a skillful strategist and planner who can easily find and engage talented professionals in the project. He never stops growing professionally and is always happy to share his experience and knowledge with colleagues. Vitaliy is a great example of positive thinking about his work and life. His main characteristics are a high level of responsibility, constant ability and desire to help, and sophisticated knowledge in IT, business, and management. What is more, he is always ready to play chess!

Bohdan Futerko

Executive Vice President, COO, co-founder

Bohdan is a high-level professional with more than fifteen years of experience in IT management. His main characteristics are punctuality, accuracy and high level of expertise in different technologies. Bohdan always uses a sophisticated approach in the decision-making process and can easily identify hidden opportunities and threats. He is the best at systematization, organization, and automation of the major business processes in the company.

Yaroslav Oleksyn

Vice President of Software Development

Yaroslav is a unique and resourceful person, always ready to discuss any topic. He evolved from a beginner programmer to a professional due to his persistence. Yaroslav leads and develops the Web Department and has respect and credibility among his colleagues and subordinates.

Luba Khomyn

Sales Department Director

Energetic and easy-going Luba is always looking for new ideas for the development of the whole company and her department. Her main characteristics are hard-working, passion at work, and persistence. Being one of the first employees at the [bvblogic], she is constantly doing her best to expand and develop the company, as well as create and sustain the warm atmosphere. Luba supervises and coordinates the Sales Department to provide success, efficiency, and friendly environment. "Happy customers and satisfaction from our work - are the drivers of our team!"

Andriy Khomyn

Marketing Department Director

If you are looking for creativity, new ideas, and inspiration for their implementation – Andriy is the right person for you. He has a diverse background and notable experience in marketing, analytics, and IT consulting, along with a deep understanding of technical aspects, endless energy, and dedication to work. His innate marketing talent in combination with his constant aspiration to keep updated on the most modern trends in work made Andriy a person for whom no issue is unsolvable. Under his supervision, the Marketing Department is always producing fascinating ideas regarding the promotion and positioning of the company and its projects.


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