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Our solutions help leading agroholdings to manage their whole activity via computer or smartphone

  • Our informational systems help to effectively manage a landbank. Showing strictly the borders of certain fields the system provides analytics of terms and conditions of rent. One single database of legal documentation on each field is provided, as well as visualization, photo, and video materials on each field. Additional digital maps of the fields and 3D relief models make it possible to manage the fields even more efficiently taking into consideration specific features of lowlands and highlands. It is possible to integrate the systems with document circulations.
  • We create smart fields and increase productivity. Our solutions help keep the detailed history of your fields (crops, fertility, soil analysis etc.), plan your crops according to smart principles of mixed plantings and optimal companion planting, create digital agrochemical passports of fields, use technological maps of the fields and track all activities on the fields, collect and analyze data on field conditions, plan the need for enrichment, pesticides, fertilization etc., and apply convenient tools for the visualization of fields
  • Smart Farming. Each animal from your livestock is under control with our solutions. Monitor the dynamics of health, weight, and compare these indicators with benchmarks, plan the herd structure automatically, consider genealogy and biological cycles in the process of planning reproduction, plan the optimal diets, automate your  plan of veterinary measures (vaccinations, inspections, weighings, etc.)
  • Smart logistics and GPS-monitoring. Automation of logistic processes of agricultural companies helps to optimize the composition of equipment and machinery and to effectively plan their work. Monitor the location, speed, run, time of work of machinery, control the consumption of fuel and other materials, analyse the workload and efficiency of equipment and machinery, get a possibility of constant feedback with workers in the fields, plan the work of each driver and every single unit of equipment, plan the procurement and delivery of resources, optimize the logistic routes for harvesting and delivery of agricultural goods, automatize the process of planned repairs of machinery.
  • Customer relationship management and human resources management. Keep whole information about clients and employees in one single database, efficiently plan the work of each particular employee or the whole divisions and their collaboration in a real-time mode, apply flexible wage system based on an individual performance, get convenient possibilities for the implementation of loyalty programs for the clients, automate account of settlements with customers and employees, analyze the reports on the productivity of work.
  • Managerial Decisions Optimization. Save your time only for really important tasks. Automatically generate accurate digital reports for selected periods of time, minimize effort and time for routine computing, compare the reporting indicators for different periods of time in one click, track positive or negative dynamics of indicators, build forecasts, get system notifications about "bottlenecks" in technological processes, automatically calculate the need for seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc., make managerial decisions on the basis of reliable information fast and easily.
  • Mobile Solutions. Mobile solutions provide an opportunity to manage all activities of agricultural company remotely. Plan and control the work of employees and machinery, analyze the indicators of working efficiency of all divisions, inform and communicate with your employees, organize the fast response to the problems and make effective managerial decisions, control specific technological processes with the use of RFID seals and QR code recognition, etc. Through mobile solutions, all necessary information is in the hands of your employees anytime and in any place
  • Agro Consulting. We conduct the analysis of key business and technological processes, we offer high-quality solutions to increase your business efficiency. Our team provides consulting on the IT solutions architecture as well as implement and adapt IT solutions into the work of agricultural businesses. Let us analyze your company’s activity and discover many new hidden opportunities for your business development.



We specialize in the creation of effective solutions for wineries and liquor companies of different types and sizes.

  • For small wineries, family businesses, and production facility: we offer the development of a stylish and unique landing page to tell the world about your products, ideas, philosophy, and uniqueness. Invite customers to visit your store and receive orders from around the world.
  • For wineries and medium-sized companies: we create a modern corporate website and an online store for your products to increase your online sales. We implement automation of ordering processes for both wholesale and retail customers, our solutions help plan your needs more efficiently and get even more satisfied customers.
  • For large corporations, international brands and network retailers. We offer the development of a modern corporate website, an online store and a unique mobile application with special characteristics to increase customer's loyalty. We help you analyze the behavior and preferences of your customers, boost your sales, make your delivery even quicker, implement efficient online services and loyalty programs. Let your customers buy your goods in one click with the use of their smartphones only.


e-commerce solutions

We develop e-Commerce solutions that increase sales by several times.

Our clients get

  • large-scale marketplaces to help buyers and sellers find each other easily
  • branched directories and convenient possibilities to search required goods by categories
  • reliable, large databases for storing and managing customer information
  • integration of payment systems to create the possibility of instant purchase
  • recommendations on the appliance of effective loyalty programs
  • tools that help to keep the client on the website with the use of modern onboarding technologies
  • the abandoned cart saving technologies
  • an automated process of ordering
  • chatbots to provide the clients with the answer to their question as quickly and efficiently as possible without calling the support service
  • additional hints in your online store for the convenience of use
  • convenient personal cabinets for various roles in the system with the preservation of transaction history
  • easy scaling possibilities of our solutions for your future growth and development
  • platforms with high conversion rate and good traffic
  • the high loading speed of the pages of your online store
  • high-load systems
  • online stores that are highly ranked by search engines
  • responsiveness for optimum work of your shop on any type of device
  • integration of analytic systems to analyze customer behavior and preferences, and help you to set up targeted advertising
  • effective mobile apps for immediate purchases to increase sales by several times


e-booking solutions

 We create efficient e-booking systems to provide a possibility to book

  • tickets for events, activities, concerts, theater, cinema
  • accommodation, hotel rooms, parking spaces
  • tours, trips
  • tickets for various types of transport
  • equipment, vehicle rental
  • restaurants, entertaining establishments
  • appointments with the doctor, hairdresser, various procedures, etc.
  • courses, training, lectures, conferences
  • queues, business meetings, conference rooms and more.

We build booking systems and reservation platforms that provide the following features:

  • Find and compare the necessary services, activities or things considering the most important characteristics, and choose exactly what the customer needs at the moment. Our intelligent systems help one automatically get a list of relevant offers by simply pointing out user’s preferences and their priority in percentage.
  • Manage a user-friendly personal profile with a one-time set of necessary data for easy re-booking in one click.
  • Instantly pay for booked activity with integrated payment systems and inbuilt user bank cards with secure access for perfect data safety.
  • Generate and receive an electronic document confirming the booking


We create modern electronic tickets for companies that sell tickets to various types of transport or events.

We provide:

  • Convenient options for the user to choose the best-for-all ticket requirements only with the use of your computer or smartphone, only in a few minutes
  • Integration of payment systems for instant purchase of the necessary ticket
  • Automatic processing of all ticket information
  • Creating comfortable personal cabinets for various roles in the system, saving the history of all transactions
  • Avoiding the need for ticket manufacturing
  • Instant receipt of an electronic ticket immediately after payment
  • Avoiding queues or necessity of waiting for a courier, avoiding the risk of losing or losing a ticket - all data is entered into a convenient registration system
  • Using a ticket by scanning a QR code only with the use of your smartphone

Electronic tickets create great benefits for both the supplier and the user of the ticket, saving time, effort and money.